Snowsports trip to Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Estimated cost: £700.00

Join me on the Himalayan curry powder trail for some of the highest back country in the world. There are monkeys who chill in hot springs and amazing views.

Crew members:

I am a florist and in my spare time I like to horse ride and play board games. I used to be a nurse and I love to travel. I would love to find an adventure that I can go on and make some real life connections in the process

I have grown up adventuring in the UK and all over the world and I always want to experience new challenges. I have recently been hiking in Scotland and almost got blown away by Storm Freya - on to the next ADVENTURE!! Hoping to meet people who will join me, or find a trip that interests me.

I am a web developer with a passion for inclement weather. More outdoorsy than dance-floorsy - I love ski touring, hiking, camping and black turtlenecks. Looking for a crew with a similar philosophy. Free this weekend!